Edmonton Nordic Spa

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Inspired by the Elements. Curated for the City. Distinctly Edmonton.

​Edmonton Nordic Spa is a signature take on modern wellbeing. Inspired by Scandinavian wellness traditions, and the bold and brave attitude of Edmontonians, we are a locally owned urban sanctuary for the contemporary city lifestyle.

Made for Edmonton, By Edmontonians

We’re the team of Edmonton-based entrepreneurs that brought Alberta its first Nordic spa (in Kananaskis), and now we’re bringing a four-season Nordic wellness experience to our city — one that equally complements Edmonton’s landscape, culture, and local way of life.

So What Exactly is a Nordic Spa?

The Nordic Spa practice is followed to achieve full body & mind relaxation and recuperation, and has been growing in popularity across Canada within recent years. Based on the traditional Scandinavian approach to wellness, it follows the philosophy that moving between hot, warm and cold temperatures followed by times of rest has numerous health benefits.

This traditional sequence stimulates blood flow, eliminates toxins, reduces stress, and allows the mind to rest.

The Nature of Water

The design takes inspiration from the natural water flow and geological river formations along the North Saskatchewan River. Precise details – how glacier water meanders down through the mountains and into the prairies. Edmonton Nordic Spa pays tribute to the natural carvings that water makes into our regional landscape and creates a feeling of travelling upstream while our guests move through the hydrotherapy cycle.

“We want this to be an experience that is deeply-rooted in its place, to complement the regional landscape.”

Michael Dub | Principal Architect, Dub Architects

Wellness on Your Terms

We have so many exciting tidbits to share with you until opening, but we also want to start the conversation with you. Be the first to know. Be the first to give us your input.

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